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Last night, February 8, will go down as one of our best and most fun filled nights at the gym. Over 100 girls from the University of Toledo in conjunction with the CHAARG program, came to Baddog to take lessons in boxing, jiu jitsu, strength and conditioning and self defense. CHAARG (changing health, attitudes + actions to recreate girls), is a program nation wide that focuses on sparking a passion for health and fitness specifically in college aged girls. We were impressed with not only the number of girls that participated but with how willing they all were to challenge themselves and try new things. The techniques, workouts and drills they did were new to almost all of them and they all came in with an open mind and good energy. All the young ladies worked hard and had a blast! 

We would also like to thank all of our gym members that helped out. Students Lauren J, Lauren B, Kelli, Long, Dylan, Tyler, Thomas helped coaches Dante, Mack, Gutemberg and Kelly to make the sessions run as smoothly as possible. We are always thankful for our students dedication to themselves and also to the gym as they continue to go above and beyond. 

We can't wait to have another day teaching and training with the CHAARG girls. The things these girls stand for and strive to achieve is something Baddog supports entirely and we are honored to be a part of something so impactful. There are a million ways to get in shape, build confidence and train your body both physically and mentally.  

Thanks again for the great opportunity and best wishes to the young ladies in all their future endeavors. We are sure they will do great things. Looking forward to the next time!

-Baddog Staff 

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