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2016 was one of, if not the best year for Baddog in its 9 year existence. Baddog sponsored athletes, Dante Leon and Gutemberg Pereira collected all the most coveted titles in Jiu Jitsu as well as ranked extremely high in the GFteam athletes rankings. This Ranking includes over 400 athletes several of which have a world title to their credit. Even with this skillful field in front of them, Gutemberg placed 4th in the ranking and Dante took the top spot. This is an incredible achievement but comes as no surprise as we see their determination, drive and passion everyday on the Baddog mats. Champions are made in the training room, their tournament results are just simply the result of all their sacrifice. Dante and Guto lead by example and have sparked a fire in almost every member of the gym to compete and challenge themselves. To all of us on the Baddog staff, this is something we are most thrilled to see. Student of all ages are inspired to compete and striving to better themselves.

Our students are our pride and joy. They are the ones that inspire the staff and leaders to open the doors of the gym everyday. Seeing their evolution and transformations is what strives us to work towards our own goals and also help them reach theirs. Great examples of exceptional students are boxing students, Kelli Gunn and Lauren Jones. Both Lauren and Kelli not only work hard but they have transformed in many ways. They have experienced physical transformation and even though they may have been guarded at first, they have opened up and shown that Baddog is the place for them and we are grateful to have them. We also see this in Jiu Jitsu students Long Nguyen and Dylan Albright. Long and Dylan drill and train together nearly EVERY class and have competed several times. Win lose or draw, the kids are back in the next day, open minded, sharpening their games for the next competition. On top of their individual glories, Long and Dylan help instruct the kids class. Under the tutelage of Mack and Dante, we strongly feel they will make great instructors in the near future. Their dedication and love for the gym is second to none. Another student that comes to mind is MMA student Mitch Albright. Mitch works full time but makes it to the gym several times a week for both boxing and Jiu Jitsu class. Mitch has showed leaps and bounds of improvements in both and is a very hard worker, also a member who represents what we stand for at baddog 100%.

Young Stars

The Baddog kids program has grown exponentially. At this time last year, we would average 3-5 kids per class and now, anything below 15 is considered small. A big part of this programs growth is due to the work of Mack Arnos. Mack is not only a long time member of Baddog but is one of the main kids instructors and office manager, making him the glue that holds a big part of the gym together. Mack is loved by all students and shows a great passion for the kids as well as handles them with proper discipline and assertiveness. We are thankful to have someone like Mack at the gym. Because of Mack, we have produced some fine young guns. Jacoby and Keagan are two of our most senior kids students and the improvements they have shown in a little over a years time is incredible. These improvement are not only noticed by us but by their peers, teachers, class mates and parents. Other kids students that have shown similar transformation are Jessie, Isaiah and LJ. We are proud of all kids students and have our eyes on you all. Kid's instructors are constantly talking amongst each other to see who is next in line for promotions. Keep working hard, it never goes unnoticed.

Lastly, we would like to thank all the parents of our kids and young adult students. Being a parent is the hardest job in the world and you taking the time to bring your children to our facility, supporting them and trusting our work speaks volumes. It is very nice to see that most of our students have their whole family involved. Many kids have been supported in class by not on a parent but a grandparent, aunt, uncle, brother, sister and sometimes even a friend. We hope this continues through all the students journeys and we can continue to build great relationships between staff and parents. Staff members of Baddog respect and admire the relationship we have amongst many of the parents and strive to have this with several others. Amy and Mike Miller are examples of parents that give back to the gym even though it is never asked of them. Amy, is a big help by organizing travel, lodging and transportation to and from tournaments for several families. Mike is also to be acknowledged as he was the one who constructed the benches most of our parents sit on and observe class from. LJ's dad, Larry is always thinking of ways to help promote the gym and constantly extends invitations to Baddog members and staff for them to get involved in events outside the gym. We don't ask for this extra support and it is by no means mandatory which makes these gestures that much more special. Our parents and supporters go the extra mile for us and we hope they acknowledge we are going the extra mile for them as well.

Obviously, we can't mention every student but we notice and appreciate all. We would like recognize a few students for their great contribution to the gym. Chab Castillo, Lauren Bentley, Eric Hamm, Erik Czerwinsky, The Gomez Family, Nicole Lynn and Keagans family and Steve Cole and Family.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this year great. we have some Grand Goals for 2017 and with the support of our staff, members and supporters, they can be easily achieved. Lets keep working hard and striving for more.

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