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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athletes Gutemberg pereira and Dante Leon have been touted as "a 2 man wrecking crew". Over the course of 2016 they have compiled over 80 gold medals between the two winning such tournaments as the Europeans, Pan Ams and the World Championships. Compiling nearly 150 tournament matches between them both this year, Dante and Gutemberg have been on a terror. All of the medals and awards are just the result of their hard work and dedication, day in and day out.

Gutemberg and Dante come from very different backgrounds and environments. With Gutemberg hailing from Salvador, Brazil and Dante from Ontario, Canada, they are an unlikely duo. With this being said, they both have a strong passion for jiu jitsu and a tireless work ethic which bonds them together. The two athletes travel all across the country and various parts of the world to train and compete to ultimately better their career and credentials.

Both of these amazing athletes live, train and share their knowledge in Toledo, Ohio at Baddog Sports Perfromance. They have both chosen Baddog as their home training facility and represent the gym and its members all across the globe at the biggest jiu jitsu tournaments. Monday through Saturday you will find them both in the gym, whether they are lifting weights, drilling technique or live sparring. Students are always included in their training sessions whether they are beginner level or intense sessions, creating an atmosphere and level of training that is unmatched in the area. This "wrecking crew" is 100% focused on both themselves and all the other members of Baddog/GFteam.

Opportunity to train with world class athletes is a rare find. We are fortunate enough to have two such athletes training under our roof daily. Our students recognize this and are reaping the benefits of it. In the last tournament we attended as a team, we took 7 competitors and took home 11 medals (7 golds). We see the potential is limitless in our committed students, believing we will produce a student who will ride alongside Gutemberg and Dante through major completions in the near future. Regardless of your mindset to jiu jitsu, whether it is competitive or laid back, Dante and Gutemberg will still instruct with the same passion and concern. Students of all walks of life and age make the gym as great as it is.

Gutemberg and Dante are always willing to share their love of jiu jitsu with new students. We would be thrilled to have you come in and try a free week of training. Make sure to check out our specials on our website and our Facebook page, Baddog Sports Performance. Call Mack, Baddog instructor and member to set up your first class. 419-410-4142.

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