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The 1st annual BADDOG BOWL took place Saturday December 14th at the Hollow Grounds of Lambeau Field/Willys Park..

The game pitted members of BADDOG against one another in a winner take all football game that was for the ages!!!. The Black squad coached by Jake “Pale Rider” Draves outlasted the Red team lead by “Rocket” Ray Hernandez in a 20-18 shootout best described as “Interesting”.. The affair was back and forth contest with the Black team eeking out the win in the end!!!

The game was played under the most difficult conditions as there was an estimated 24 inches of snow on the ground at game time (Swear to God). But that didn’t stop the MEN OF BADDOG from performing at their peak (NO EXCUSE”S)!!!. Yes ladies there are some real men left!!!

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The sports writers voted for MVP of the game and they choose Co-MVPS. .Jake Draves and Jason Farley both displayed Great talent, heart commitment and strategy, Jason seemed to master that part of it the best as at 3 well timed points in the game he played DEAD and no could tell that he was faking!! Giving his team a chance to rest. Honorable mention for MVP went to Taylor, Ray ,Michael ,Devin and Nick the Stranger. On another note knowing he dosen’t like to talk about himself the quarterback for the game threw an amazing 38 touchdown passes completed over 75% of his passes and never was sacked.. LEGENDARY!!!

On a more serious note after the game it was learned that Dylan Farley played the whole game with a very rare medical condition that affects only 1 in 7 billion people it is called .. “Ican’tcatchaballtosavemylifenomatterwhatnowaynohoweverevenifitwashandedtome” syndrome. Or broken down: I can’t catch a ball to save my life no matter what no way no how ever even if it was handed to me syndrome. I can honestly say that at several time during the game that we were all moved to tears watching Dylan play and I think I speak for everyone in that if we knew during the game what Dylan was suffering from we would have never laughed that hard!!! (Still want to bring up the Packers Bengals game Dylan?)

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