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Kids Martial Arts in Toledo - BADDOG Sports Performance/GFTeam Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

First we would like to start off by commending our sponsored athletes Gutemberg Pereira and Dante Leon. Since July, they have a combined record of 40-1 competing against the best the world has to offer. During most athlete's off season, Dante and Guto show no signs of slowing down and are striving to increase their already amazing record. In the next 2 months, the boys will travel to New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Nova Scotia Canada, planning to rack up not only air miles but gold medals as well.

The school continues to grow and increase daily. Our adult members, Shawn Encalado and Long Nguyen were both promoted to blue belt recently and have continued down the path of hard work. Shawn has already collected gold medals in a few tournaments and Long is training hard and plans to make his blue belt debut in the next month. Several kids in our kids program have been promoted as well. Jacoby, Keagan, Kaedan and Aeron were all promoted to the rank of Grey belt. All of these kids have made a HUGE improvement in their time at Baddog and are setting a great example for fellow students. We can not express how proud we are of all of our students and how satisfying it is to see their evolution. All the other students are well on their way and are following in the recently promoted's footsteps.

Student of the month this month goes to one of our hardest working members. Long Nguyen has always been a dedicated student but in the recent months has really shown he is serious about his evolution and the training lifestyle. Long is training after hours, showing up early to drill technique and travelling to train with Gutemberg and Dante which is why he has experienced such vast improvement in such short time. A true role model for the gym and its members. Congratulations Long! Keep up the hard work and dedication.

Please check our facebook page and website for the new schedule which will be starting NEXT Thursday (September 29). Boxing on Tuesday and Thursday will be moved to 6:30-7:30 and BJJ 7:30-8:30.





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