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Kids Martial Arts in Toledo - BADDOG Sports Performance/GFTeam Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

BD Sports Performance would like to congratulate 2 of our sponsored athletes on an amazing weekend of competition. Dante Leon and Gutemberg Pereira competed in the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam tournament in Los Angeles, CA on Saturday and both walked away with gold medals. Both faced tough, world class competitors on the way to the Gold but came away with a perfect record (5 wins combined). Dante and Guto have been busy competing all across the globe recently, with wins spanning from New York to Chicago and LA to Moscow, Russia. These two young stars have a busy schedule coming up which includes 2 more tournaments this month alone! All the staff, students and supporters of BD Sports Performance is extremely proud of them and it is our upmost pleasure to share the mats with them and learn from them daily. Their dedication and competitive drive has rubbed off on many of our students. Mack Arnos, member and instructor, competed recently in a large Internationally recognized tournament and received a bronze medal. Some of our kids and adult students such as Jacoby, Cadaen, Shawn, Long, Dylan and Mitch have all have the itch to compete and step up their training. This is very great to see and proves that BD Sports Performance is a great place to train to reach any goal you may have. 

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