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BADDOG would like to congratulate head jiu-jitsu instructor Vito Oliveira for placing 2nd at the recent World No-Gi Jiu-Jistu championships in the adult middleweight black belt division!! This caps a great year for Vitor and we expect no letup in 2014!!! Vitor will be at BADDOG on Saturday December 21st to teach both private lessons and classes this is open to the public, if interested please contact Kelly at 419-341-0071. BADDOG is also proud to announce that in January from Friday the 17th through Thursday the 23rd Brazilian black belt Washington Luis will be teaching classes, conducting seminars and providing private lessons. Washington also recently competed at the No-GI World’s in the adult black belt level and placed third! We here at BADDOG are very excited for this opportunity to have Washington here for the week, This is also open to the public so if you are interested please call Kelly at 419-341-0071..

More exciting news at BADDOG.. On Saturday December 14th at 1:00 P.M. The inaugural “BADDOG HOLIDAY TOUCH FOOTBALL BOWL” will take place! This is open to all past , present and future members of BADDG!! All names must be submitted by December 7th as Team Captains Jake Draves of the BADDOG BLACK TEAM and Ray Hernandez captain of the BADDOG RED TEAM will draft their teams. The teams will be quarterbacked by …For the Black team Kelly “Brettfavra?” Hymore and for the Red team Kelly “Discount double check Rodgers” Hymore.. Don’t worry I haven’t been cloned just confirming that I AM more than 1 man and I CAN do it all!! Many of you have suspected this for quite some time now. And I just feel like now is the time to bring it to public!! My pledge is to give the same great effort and commitment to both teams equally and show no bias what’s so ever! Not even the team Jason Farley ends up on!!

The game will be played in the BADDOG parking lot and refreshments will be served so if you are interested in either playing or spectating please call Kelly at 419-341-0071 or email, as soon as possible!

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