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Baddog news for June:

 The BADDOG’S 6th birthday party was held on Sunday June 7th and I would like to personally thank all that attended. I would especially like to thank “The Really Bad BADDOG Band” For sharing their special magic with us that day and for giving a performance…. That’s energy was dare I say was “Woodstockian” in nature, can’t thank the band enough for taking time out of their “busy” touring schedule to stop in and make time for us. What a great group of performer’s and human beings they truly are!!

 At this time BADDOG would like to welcome to our teaching staff Kevin Contose, Kevin is now the head wrestling coach at BADDOG and is teaching wrestling 3 days a week (Mon,Wed and Fri from 6-730pm). Kevin is also available for private lessons as well. Kevin’s brother Shawn is also at the gym for the next month, Shawn was the strength and conditioning coach for Penn State University when the won their 3 national titles! These guys are great additions to BADDOG and we to have more people come in and take advantage of their knowledge and love of wrestling.

 Also at this time in keeping up with our tradition to bring in the best teachers from around the world BADDOG is proud to announce that 4x World Jiu Jitsu champion Abraham Marte will be teaching at BADDOG from June 12th until June 18th, He will be conducting a 2 hour seminar on June 18th from 6-8 pm ant the cost is only $50. If interested please call Kelly at 419-341-0071.

BADDOG kids classes are BACK!! Kids classes are Tues and Thursday form 5-6 pm and all kids that take our kids classes are also eligible to take wrestling classes as well. If interested call Kelly at 419-341-0071.

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