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  • Joni Johnson: Yoga Instructor

Joni has been practicing Yoga since 2005. She began studying BUTI Yoga in March of 2014 and has been hooked ever since. BUTI incorporates a blend of African dance, Plyometrics, and Yoga. She has been practicing dance and choreography since she was 3-years-old and has always had a gift for leading and motivating others. She received her BUTI Yoga license in The Dalles, Oregon, accredited by ACE, AFAA and NASM for continuing education units (CEU). 

  • Noel Clifton: Yoga Intsructor

Hello everyone! My name is Noël Clifton. I’m 23 years old and I was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. I have always had a passion for health and fitness, so after high school I pursued a degree as a Dietetic Technician. My mom always told me to try yoga and I refused, claiming it was boring and way too easy. Finally, in May 2014 I tried it- and guess what? I was instantly drawn to it like I had never been anything in my life. It wasn’t easy by any means and it challenged my balance, strength, flexibility, and most of all my mind. I began practicing at home and introduced it to my friends and family. It’s Yoga is where I take classes and will be taking the teacher training to become a certified instructor. In our class we will be practicing Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga which is a perfect balance of strength and flexibility- it mixes traditional practice with non-traditional practice. Ashtanga Yoga is a very structured form of yoga and Vinyasa or “Power Yoga” incorporates many of the Ashtanga postures but in a different order with a quicker, flowing rhythm. In your practice you will focus on the breath, postures, sense withdrawal, concentration, and meditation. Meditation was very foreign to me in the beginning but has now become almost my favorite part of my practice. Yoga has opened up my mind, body, and soul to a whole new experience of life that I never knew to be. It teaches you to let go of any expectations that you have for your practice or your life in general. It teaches peace, love, grace, and happiness. I absolutely encourage everyone to try it! It’s an amazing experience and I look forward to sharing my love and passion for yoga with you all. Be prepared to sweat, fall over and go upside down!


  • Aaron Arvanitis: Cross Training/Weight Lifting and Cardio Kickboxing

Weight Training- 

Repetition training, Circuit Training, Resistance Training, Body Weight Movement. This class will bring out the best your body has to offer in every muscle group.  Each day will have different muscle groups involved. Routine is key; but there will be rotation as your body develops and needs different stimulation. This class will be low impact and perfect for those starting out or those looking to strengthen and tone. The benefits of weight training are endless and should be involved for those looking to maximize their fat loss and overall physique.

Cardio Kickboxing / Cross Training-

Both of these classes will serve to strengthen the cardio vascular system, burn calories, shed pounds, and induce sweat. This will be a unique blend of aerobic training, body weight movements, and high repetition or interval timed circuits. Kickboxing will also involve some dynamic and static stretching. Form is the main focus of these classes and your ability to test yourself while working at your own level and pace. This is the best supplement to anyone competing, looking to maximize their weight training, and to get themselves on the fast track to fitness. Overall these classes will ensure results in any person from beginner to experienced. For kickboxing it is recommended to bring your own gloves (boxing or mma).

These instructors will start their classes at BADDOG starting on Monday October 6th 2014. If interested please call Aaron Arvanitis at 419-704-0972 or email; ; Thank You!

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