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Kids Martial Arts in Toledo - BADDOG Sports Performance/GFTeam Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


BADDOG held its first annual paintball war games this past weekend to settle a dispute between warring factions of the BADDOG Brazilian brigade! Coaches Igor Gentil and Max Geminis (The Brazilian warlords) selected elite members of the BADDOG family to settle the dispute once and for all!!! A good time was had by all (unless your name was Holly! That RAY!!) As in this unbiased reporters opinion team MAX won the war by winning the large majority of the battles, especially the politically charged game of protect the President in which coach Igor not only got shot but also absorbed a significant number of kicks to the "shield" at one point. The coaches came face to face, mano a mano and the contest got a little "CRAZY" but cooler heads prevailed and Igor was shot in the back to end the "Game?"!!

BADDOG would like to thank all members who came out and participated in this event. I didn't think it was possible but this may have been more fun or at least equally as fun as this past winters "ICE BOWL". Thanks Everyone!

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