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BADDOG SPORTS PERFORMANCE would like to congratulate their jiu jitsu instructor Max Geminis for winning his weight as well as the Brown Belt open class at the 2014 Buckeye State Grappling Championship this pass weekend, great job MAX!!!! Just a reminder that Max( 4x Worl Champion!!) as well as Jose Carlos (3x  Brazilian National Champion) another world class brown belt will be conducting a seminar in both the gi and no gi at the new BADDOG facility 6821 W Central Ave Toledo OHio Saturday July 19th the price for these seminars are  $25 for one or $40 for both , the times for these are 12-2, gi and 3-5 ,no  giā€¦Don't miss the opportunity to train with these exceptional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitors!!  If interested call Kelly at 419-341-0071 or email at Also at this time Baddog would like to  thank all the team members from BADDOG who showed up and supported Max!!



Baddog will be holding their 1st annual  "BADDOG PAINT BALL CHMPIONSHIPS this Sunday from 9am til 12 noon!! If this is anywhere near as much fun as the BADDOG ICE BOWL this winter you won"t  want to miss it!! Team captains Igor and his arch nemesis Max Geminis who both have come all the way from Braizil to settle their differences promise Complete domination in this global conflict!!!  This is welcome to the public anyone interested call Kelly at 419-341-0071 or email at !! P.S.The only rule for this competion is couples must be on opposite sides and all" issues" should be settled by the time they  leave (God willing)!! OSSSSSSS!!!

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